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The trimetallic nitride template (TNT) approach has been successfully utilized to prepare the new endohedral Lu(3)N@C(80). Well-ordered crystals of Lu(3)N@C(80).5 (o-xylene) and Sc(3)N@C(80).5 (o-xylene) form upon cooling of o-xylene solutions of these endohedrals and they are isomorphous. Although the positions of the fullerene cage (which is fully ordered(More)
The structure of one of the three previously separated isomers of {Er2@C82} has been determined through a single-crystal X-ray structure determination of the noncovalent adduct, {Er2@C82 Isomer I}.{CoII(OEP)}.1.4(C6H6).0.3(CHCl3). The C82 cage is identified specificlly as the Cs(82:6) isomer (one of nine possible isolated pentagon isomers) from the(More)
Over 48 million end users worldwide utilize cable modems as their means of accessing the Internet at high speeds. Networks which provide access via cable modems utilize Data Over Cable Service Interface Specifications (DOCSIS) as their means of network management. As availability and utilization to the Internet increases (especially at high speeds supported(More)
The use of a radiative process such as the Coherent Smith-Purcell Radiation (CSPR) is a very promising noninvasive technique for the reconstruction of the time profile of relativistic electron bunches. Currently existing CSPR monitors do not have yet single-shot capability. Here we study the feasibility of using a CSPR based monitor for bunch length(More)
RADIATION: RECENT RESULTS FROM THE E-203 COLLABORATION∗ N. Delerue† , J. Barros, S. Le Corre, M. Vieille Grosjean, LAL, Orsay, France F. Bakkali Taheri, R. Bartolini, G. Doucas, I.V. Konoplev, C. Perry, A. Reichold, S. Stevenson, JAI, Oxford, UK N. Fuster Martinez, IFIC, Valencia, Spain H. Andrews, LANL, Los Alamos, New Mexico, U.S.A. V. Bharadwaj, C.(More)
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