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Horace Fogel: The Man Who Knew (and Talked) Too Much
As the manager of the New York Giants early in the 1902 season, Fogel has been blamed and ridiculed for trying to convert Christy Mathewson into a first baseman.
Back Where I Belong
“Hello, Urban, welcome back to the Yankees.” “Thank you, Miller. I wasn’t sure if I’d ever get back. Seven years is a long time.” Urban had a big satisfied smile on his face. New York Yankee manager
World War I and Free Agency: The Fateful 1918 Battle for Jack Quinn
The Quinn case all by itself soured once and for all the relationship between the two founding fathers of the American League. Eugene C. Murdock, Ban Johnson: Czar of Baseball Jack (John Picus) Quinn
The Colonel and Hug: The Partnership that Transformed the New York Yankees
From the team's inception in 1903, the New York Yankees were a floundering group that played as second-class citizens to the New York Giants. With four winning seasons to date, the team was purchased
For the Good of the Game, 1923
PREFACE Baseball does not operate in a vacuum, and moral quandaries are not left at the entrance to the ballpark. In 1923, a ballplayer is under fire for questionable tactics, and his manager is
Matty and the Browns: A Window onto the AL-NL War
This is the story of Christy Mathewson's signing with the St. Louis Browns for the 1903 season and of the Browns' owner Robert Hedges later giving up his claim to Matty in order to foster peace
Free Agency in 1923:
Back Where I Belong. (Tales from the Dugout)
The Washington Senators won their first pennant in 1924, edging the New York Yankees by only 2 games. Led by pitching great Walter Johnson, they went on to beat the New York Giants in the World