Steve Searle

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Nonsense SNPs introduce premature termination codons into genes and can result in the absence of a gene product or in a truncated and potentially harmful protein, so they are often considered disadvantageous and are associated with disease susceptibility. As such, we might expect the disrupted allele to be rare and, in healthy people, observed only in a(More)
The variable domain resurfacing and CDR-grafting approaches to antibody humanization were compared directly on the two murine monoclonal antibodies N901 (anti-CD56) and anti-B4 (anti-CD19). Resurfacing replaces the set of surface residues of a rodent variable region with a human set of surface residues. The method of CDR-grafting conceptually consists of(More)
Trichomonas vaginalis homogenates were found to have an acid inorganic pyrophosphatase activity with a specific activity at pH 4.8 of about 7 nmol min-1 (mg protein)-1. This activity was localized predominantly in hydrolase containing particles, showed structure-bound latency and was tightly membrane-bound. The activity showed no magnesium dependence, a Km(More)
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