Steve Schoenberger

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Tumor antigen-specific T-cell tolerance limits the efficacy of therapeutic cancer vaccines. Antigen-presenting cells mediate the induction of T-cell tolerance to self-antigens. We therefore assessed the fate of tumor-specific CD4+ T cells in tumor-bearing recipients after in vivo activation of antigen-presenting cells with antibodies against CD40. Such(More)
The induction of immunologic unresponsiveness by i.v. administration of Ag-coupled lymphoid cells has been studied extensively, but the mechanisms remain unclear. We have further explored this model by examining the role of Fas/Fas ligand (FasL)-mediated apoptosis. Using i.v. injection of trinitrophenyl-coupled splenocytes (TNP-spl) as tolerogen, we found(More)
Chronic rejection remains the major obstacle to long term survival in heart transplant recipients. The cellular and molecular mechanisms that underlie chronic rejection are not known, and their discovery can form the basis of clinical intervention. Several investigators have suggested that the development of chronic rejection in solid organ transplants is(More)
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