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In many semi-arid basins during extended periods when surface snowmelt or storm runoff is absent, groundwater constitutes the primary water source for human habitation, agriculture and riparian ecosystems. Utilizing regional groundwater models in the management of these water resources requires accurate estimates of basin boundary conditions. A critical(More)
A pair of dynamically scaled robotic dragonfly model wings was developed to investigate the aerodynamic effect of wing-wing interaction in dragonfly flight. Instantaneous aerodynamic forces were measured while forewing-hindwing phase difference (γ) was systematically varied. Experimental results showed that, i) for hovering flight, γ=0°(More)
Vacuum arc ion sources, Penning ion sources, and filament driven multicusp ion sources are used for the production of high current ion beams of a variety of metallic and gaseous ions at the GSI accelerator facility. For accelerator operation, the ion sources have to provide a stable beam over a long period of time with an energy of 2.2 keV/u and a maximum(More)
Monocrotaline, a pyrrolizidine alkaloid of chemotherapeutic interest, was successfully extracted from the crushed seeds of Crotalaria spectabilis using supercritical carbon dioxide and ethanol mixtures. Overall solubilities of the plant material in the supercritical fluid phase were as high as 1.1 mass percent, and monocrotaline solubilities were as high as(More)
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