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As part of the Detecting Intrusions at Layer ONe (DILON) project, we show that Ethernet devices can be uniquely identified and tracked—using as few as 25 Ether-net frames—by analyzing variations in their analog signal caused by hardware and manufacturing inconsistencies. An optimal detector, the matched filter, is utilized to create signal profiles, which(More)
FlyMine is a data warehouse that addresses one of the important challenges of modern biology: how to integrate and make use of the diversity and volume of current biological data. Its main focus is genomic and proteomics data for Drosophila and other insects. It provides web access to integrated data at a number of different levels, from simple browsing to(More)
Location awareness is critical for supporting location-based access control (LBAC). The challenge is how to determine locations accurately and efficiently in indoor environments. Existing solutions based on WLAN signal strength either cannot provide high accuracy, or are too complicated in general indoor environments. In this paper, we propose a statistical(More)
In today's global economy, innovation through technology is a key driver for a sustainable economic growth and competitiveness. Siemens as a global player possesses a tremendous portfolio of innovative technologies. In an effort to highlight some of these technologies, Siemens has organized an Internet-based event for selected industrial partners. The event(More)
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