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As part of the Detecting Intrusions at Layer ONe (DILON) project, we show that Ethernet devices can be uniquely identified and tracked—using as few as 25 Ether-net frames—by analyzing variations in their analog signal caused by hardware and manufacturing inconsistencies. An optimal detector, the matched filter, is utilized to create signal profiles, which(More)
The present study investigated processes by which job stress and satisfaction unfold over time by examining the relations between daily stressful events, mood, and these variables. Using a Web-based daily survey of stressor events, perceived strain, mood, and job satisfaction completed by 14 university workers, 1,060 occasions of data were collected.(More)
A b s t r a c t In the closing weeks of 2002, video games were featured in various popular American news publications and media outlets such as Wired, Entertainment Weekly, Newsweek and Time Magazine. It is becoming increasingly apparent that video games are no longer child's play, but rather that they are poised to become a major entertainment form for the(More)
This work sets forth a systematic approach for the investigation and utilization of the signal characteristics of digital devices for use in a security context. A methodology, built upon an optimal detector, the matched filter, is proposed that allows for the reliable identification and tracking of wired Ethernet cards by use of their hardware signaling(More)
Economic Review 21 ew economic events succeed in capturing the sustained attention of both economic practitioners—policymakers, business economists, and press commentators—and academic economists. The ongoing economic crisis in Mexico is one of those events. Since the crisis broke out in December 1994, it has been the subject of innumerable newspaper and(More)
BACKGROUND There is an increasing burden of chronic illness in low and middle income countries, driven by TB/HIV, as well as non-communicable diseases. Few health systems are organized to meet the needs of chronically ill patients, and patients' perspectives on the difficulties of accessing care need to be better understood, particularly in poor resourced(More)
In this paper, we present a new paradigm for security in conventional networks that has dramatic implications for improving their physical layer network security. We call this paradigm, Detecting Intrusions at Layer ONe (DILON). DILON’s enabling hypothesis is that the inherent variability in the construction of digital devices leads to significant(More)
The social, economic, political and environmental structural factors that increase susceptibility to HIV infection and undermine prevention and treatment efforts continue to pose a challenge. The papers in this series highlight the importance of sustaining those efforts to address the structural drivers of the HIV epidemic, and that initiatives to achieve(More)
Location awareness is critical for supporting location-based access control (LBAC). The challenge is how to determine locations accurately and efficiently in indoor environments. Existing solutions based on WLAN signal strength either cannot provide high accuracy, or are too complicated in general indoor environments. In this paper, we propose a statistical(More)
This research questioned the proposition that corporate familiarity is positively associated with firm reputation. Student images of familiar and unfamiliar Fortune 500 corporations were examined in 4 experiments. The results suggested that, consistent with behavioral decision theory and attitude theory, highly familiar corporations provide information that(More)