Steve Rapp

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OBJECTIVES The prospective relationships between self-efficacy beliefs, in conjunction with measures of knee pain and knee strength, and subsequent decline in both physical performance and self-reported disability among older adults with knee pain were examined. METHODS In this prospective epidemiological trial, 480 men and women aged 65 years and older(More)
The patient with a history of current opioid consumption presenting in the acute postoperative setting presents a challenge for pain management. Standard treatment dosages and strategies are often ineffective in providing pain relief. This retrospective case-control study reviews 4 years' experience of the Acute Pain Service (APS) at our institution(More)
Although patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) pumps have been in use for more than a decade, the optimal PCA analgesic has yet to be identified. Many drugs are used; however, morphine remains the "gold standard" of opioid analgesics worldwide. The present study evaluated morphine and hydromorphone (Dilaudid) PCA with respect to analgesic efficacy, side(More)
This paper underscores the important role played by theory-based mediating variables in randomized clinical trials. Indeed, it is essential that we know what mediating variables are relevant for particular outcomes in randomized clinical trials and that we design interventions to optimize change in the mediators of interest. Yet, knowledge of the pivotal(More)
Objective: Exposure to ambient fine particulate matter (PM2.5: PM with aerodynamic diameters < 2.5 μm) has been linked with cognitive deficits in older adults. Using fine-grained voxel-wise analyses, we examined whether PM2.5 exposure also affects brain structure. Methods: Brain MRI data were obtained from 1365 women (aged 71-89) in the Women's Health(More)
OBJECTIVES This study examined the relationship between positive and negative affect, depressive symptoms, and cognitive performance. METHODS The sample consisted of 1479 non-demented, postmenopausal women (mean age = 67 years) at increased risk of breast cancer enrolled in the National Surgical Adjuvant Breast and Bowel Project's Study of Tamoxifen and(More)
 NSF 97-153: User-Friendly Handbook for Mixed Method Evaluations, a monograph " initiated to provide more information on qualitative [evaluation] techniques and … how they can be combined effectively with quantitative measures " Technology Instructors who are interested in new approaches to evaluating student learning, attitudes, and performance. It has a(More)
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