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There is growing recognition that an improved flow of information and the ability to interact, seamlessly and in real-time, internally and with trading partners will provide significant benefits from both the operational and planning perspectives. CEOs, CFOs, and line managers, across a variety of disciplines, can all benefit from information that is(More)
The Grid-Based Path Planning Competition has just completed its third iteration. The entries used in the competition have improved significantly during this time, changing the view of the state of the art of grid-based pathfinding. Furthermore, the entries from the competition have been made publicly available, improving the ability of researchers to(More)
Jump Point Search, an algorithm developed for fast search on uniform cost grids, has successfully improved the performance of grid-based search. But, the approach itself is actually a set of diverse ideas applied together. This paper decomposes the algorithm and gradually reconstructs it, showing the component pieces from which the algorithm is constructed.(More)
Pathfinding is a common task across many domains and platforms , whether in games, robotics, or road maps. Given the breadth of domains, there are also a wide variety of representations used for pathfinding, and there are many techniques which have been shown to improve performance. In the last few years, the state-of-the-art in grid-based pathfinding has(More)
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