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Most World-Wide Web information servers provide simple browsing access to collections of static text or hypertext files. This paper describes some interactive World-Wide Web servers that produce information displays and documents dynamically rather than just providing access to static files. The PARC Map Viewer uses a geographic database to create and(More)
We report strong coupling between an ensemble of nitrogen-vacancy center electron spins in diamond and a superconducting microwave coplanar waveguide resonator. The characteristic scaling of the collective coupling strength with the square root of the number of emitters is observed directly. Additionally, we measure hyperfine coupling to (13)C nuclear(More)
Generalized Dicke models can be implemented in hybrid quantum systems built from ensembles of nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers in diamond coupled to superconducting microwave cavities. By engineering cavity assisted Raman transitions between two spin states of the NV defect, a fully tunable model for collective light-matter interactions in the ultrastrong(More)
We report coherent coupling between two macroscopically separated nitrogen-vacancy electron spin ensembles in a cavity quantum electrodynamics system. The coherent interaction between the distant ensembles is directly detected in the cavity transmission spectrum by observing bright and dark collective multiensemble states and an increase of the coupling(More)
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