Steve Pope

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BACKGROUND Applications of fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS) are ideally performed under aseptic conditions so that isolated cells can be successfully cultured, transplanted, or processed for the isolation of protein and nucleic acids. However, modern "off-the shelf" flow cytometers are suboptimally designed for these purposes because nonsterile(More)
This paper describes the implementation of a high performance Object Request Broker (ORB)– omniORB2. The discussion focuses on the experience in achieving high performance by exploiting the protocol and other characteristics of the CORBA 2.0 specification. The design is also highly adaptable to a variety of network transports. The results of running the ORB(More)
Existing user-level network interfaces deliver high bandwidth, low latency performance to applications, but are typically unable to support diverse styles of communication and are unsuitable for use in multipro-grammed environments. Often this is because the network abstraction is presented at too high a level, and support for synchronisation is inflexible.(More)
The Virtual Interface Architecture is an industry standard for high performance networking in system-area networks, and the same model is proposed for Infini-band. Existing implementations suffer from high complexity , and scaling to higher bandwidths and large numbers of endpoints is likely to be problematic. We present a novel implementation of VIA that(More)
Between power circuit breakers at the two ends of a transmission line, automatic switches have been installed in utility systems to sectionalize the line in case of a fault. Often the operation of automatic switches is not able to isolate the faulted section exactly. In this situation, system dispatchers need to apply reasoning and some heuristics to(More)
Audio and video are fast becoming an integral part of new computing environments. These media have transport requirements which differ from the normal bursty computer traffic. There is therefore a need to explore transport protocols that can provide different qualities of service. User-space implementations of such protocols are particularly interesting(More)
Over the past 20 years, the Internet has grown from a small research network to a network of global importance. As Internet traffic continues to grow, the servers that provide the content must scale to be able to deliver the next branch of services, while remaining compatible with the millions of clients that already make use of them. Of central importance(More)
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