Steve Parkes

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This article reviews the technique of verbal protocol analysis and gives a profile of its use within software engineering research over the last two decades. An overview is given of the procedures used in verbal protocol analysis, and commonly-found difficulties in the application of the technique by researchers are described. The article reports on(More)
This paper describes the development of a tool for generating realistic synthetic images of planetary rovers and planet surfaces for the purpose of testing vision-based autonomy algorithms. Such algorithms have been used on the NASA Mars rovers and will be used heavily on ExoMars for navigation. Computer simulation is a useful complement to testing in(More)
SpaceWire is a network for connecting instruments and other equipment into the payload data-handling system onboard a spacecraft. It provides high-speed (2200 Mbits/s), bi-directional communications over pointto-point links and network capabilities using routing switches. One of the key features of SpaceWire is its simplicity resulting in low gate count(More)
Spacecraft exploration of asteroids presents autonomous-navigation challenges that can be aided by virtual models to test and develop guidance and hazard-avoidance systems. Researchers have extended and applied graphics techniques to create high-resolution asteroid models to simulate cameras and other spacecraft sensors approaching and descending toward(More)
A SpaceWire network comprises SpaceWire links, nodes and routers. The nodes are the functional units that wish to use the onboard communication services of the SpaceWire network and are fitted with one or more SpaceWire interfaces. These units are connected together directly using point-to-point SpaceWire links or indirectly via SpaceWire routers. SpaceWire(More)