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Some of this research was first presented at a workshop on the syllable organized by Caroline Féry and Ruben van de Vijver and will appear in the proceedings of that workshop. I am grateful to the organizers and audience of the workshop, to the UMass weekly phonology group ((especially Andrea Calabrese). Special mention: Paul Kiparsky forced me to reexamine(More)
This paper argues that exceptions and other instances of morpheme-specific phonology are best analyzed in Optimality Theory (OT) in terms of lexically indexed markedness and faithfulness constraints. This approach is shown to capture locality restrictions, distinctions between exceptional and truly impossible patterns, distinctions between blocking and(More)
Now more than six months later, UAHuntsville is receiving awards and preparing to report for the first time. Agencies issuing research awards clearly face a significant challenge to expedite the award process even though the dollar volume and number of awards to be issued are overwhelming. Both the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) and Contracts and Grants(More)
1 Introduction When the Arabic feminine singular morpheme ta attaches to the verbal prefix ta, the resulting form is not the expected *tata, but instead ta: (1) ta + ta + kassaru → takassaru it ( breaks, *tatakassaru (Wright 1971: 65) This is a typical example of morphological haplology: while there are two phonologically identical morphemes(More)
1. Overview SCIRun is a problem solving environment (PSE) that allows the interactive construction, debugging, and steering of large-scale scientific computations. Over the past few years, we have developed two additional problem solving environments that extend SCIRun's capabilities: BioPSE and Uintah. The mission of the BioPSE project is to release(More)
  • Karen C Ashley, Lynette Disch, David C Ford, Erin Macsaveny, Steve Parker, Carla Unseth +3 others
  • 2010
In this project we document a total of 1666 unique OT constraints published in the phonological literature. These span a period of time from 1993 through 2008 and come primarily from four major journals. The main constraint database contains the following information for each entry: journal. This catalog is presented all together in a single Excel(More)
BACKGROUND Undergraduate nursing students are often confused by multiple understandings of critical thinking. In response to this situation, the Critiique for critical thinking (CCT) project was implemented to provide consistent structured guidance about critical thinking. OBJECTIVES This paper introduces Critiique software, describes initial validation(More)
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