Steve Morse

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Acknowledgments I would first like to thank my advisor Risto Miikkulainen without whose encouragement (insistence) this work would not have even begun. Equally crucial, my brother and best friend, Oliver, and my family. Others: my Ph. I would also like to thank Eric Gullichsen of Interorbital Systems for his collaboration and invaluable assistance in the(More)
DISCLAIMERS The 2012 Environmental Performance Index (EPI) tracks national environmental results on a quantitative basis, measuring proximity to policy targets using the best data available. Although more rigorous criteria were used for data inclusion in this version of the EPI compared to earlier ones, data constraints and methodological considerations(More)
d Abstract-Research in certain scientific disciplines-including Earth science, particle physics, and astrophysics-continually faces the challenge that the volume of data needed to perform valid scientific research can at times overwhelm even a sizable research community. The desire to improve utilization of this data gave rise to the Intelligent Archives(More)
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