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Algorithms for sensor deployment and adaptive sampling form the basis for multisensor fusion of spatio-temporal data from a wireless environmental network of deployed sensors. Derivation of sampling algorithms based on parametric methods are described. These algorithms form the basis for deployment of an array of wireless CTD (conductivity, temperature,(More)
Overview On December 16, staff delivered a list of seven tasks from the Striped Bass Management Board (Board) to the Technical Committee (TC). The Board developed the task list following its October meeting and in anticipation of resuming discussion of an addendum to Amendment 6 at its next meeting on February 2, 2009. The list was later prioritized to(More)
Working towards healthy, self-sustaining populations for all Atlantic coast fish species or successful restoration well in progress by the year 2015. 1.0 Introduction In 2000, ASMFC formed the Spiny Dogfish and Coastal Sharks Management Board (Board). The Commission tasked this Board with developing fishery management plans (FMPs) for spiny dogfish and(More)
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