Steve McRobb

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Grounded theory is used by many IS researchers. Sometimes they apply it as a method and sometimes they apply it as a methodology. This different application stems from the debate between Glaser and Strauss; the originators of this theory. Some IS research implies the simultaneous use of case study and grounded theory. However, no conceptual/theoretical(More)
Many authors have identified fears about a lack of personal privacy online as a major disincentive to the take-up of e-commerce by private consumers. The publication of a privacy policy is encouraged by information and communications technology industry groups such as the Online Privacy Alliance, and by online certification bodies such as TRUSTe. Privacy(More)
Since the mid to late 1990s, it has been suggested by many that website visitors are concerned about the possible abuse of personal data that they supply online, and that this acts as a disincentive to full engagement in e-commerce and other comparable sorts of online activity. In essence, we need to feel that we can have some trust in the organisations(More)
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