Steve McGowan

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STATEMENT OF PROBLEM Clinicians are frequently faced with a challenge in selecting materials for adjacent restorations, particularly when one tooth requires a zirconia-based restoration and the next requires a veneer. While it may be desirable to use the same veneering ceramic on adjacent teeth, little information is available about the use of veneering(More)
A diagnostically based protocol for anterior tooth preparations for adhesively retained porcelain restorations offers dentists and laboratory technicians new options to approaching these restorations. Rather than designing a preparation and restoration based more on the needs of the products used than on the preservation of the remaining tooth structure,(More)
Although digital technologies play an increasingly integral role in dentistry, there remains a need for dental professionals to understand the fundamentals of tooth anatomy, form, occlusion, and color science. In this article, the size, shape, composition, and appearance of maxillary anterior teeth will be discussed from esthetic and functional(More)
The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (MWRD) of Greater Chicago's Stickney Water Reclamation Plant (SWRP) anaerobically digests approximately 430 dry tons per day (dtpd) (390 dry metric tons per day) of solids and produces 3.4 million ft(3)/day (96 thousand m(3)/day) of biogas from the anaerobic digesters, making it one of the largest municipal(More)
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