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Zinc transporter ZIP8 (SLC39A8) and zinc influence IFN‐γ expression in activated human T cells
The zinc transporter ZIP8 is highly expressed in T cells derived from human subjects. T cell ZIP8 expression was markedly up‐regulated upon in vitro activation. T cells collected from human subjectsExpand
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CD44+/CD24− ovarian cancer cells demonstrate cancer stem cell properties and correlate to survival
Cancer cells with the surface marker profile CD44+/CD24− have previously been described to possess cancer stem cell-like properties. This manuscript evaluates those properties in ovarian cancer cellExpand
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ALDH1A1 Maintains Ovarian Cancer Stem Cell-Like Properties by Altered Regulation of Cell Cycle Checkpoint and DNA Repair Network Signaling
Objective Aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH) expressing cells have been characterized as possessing stem cell-like properties. We evaluated ALDH+ ovarian cancer stem cell-like properties and their role inExpand
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Expression of pluripotent stem cell reprogramming factors by prostate tumor initiating cells.
PURPOSE We identified a discrete population of stem cell-like tumor cells expressing 5 essential transcription factors required to reprogram pluripotency in prostate tumor cell lines and primaryExpand
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Cell‐based selection provides novel molecular probes for cancer stem cells
Cancer stem cells (CSC) represent a malignant subpopulation of cells in hierarchically organized tumors. They constitute a subpopulation of malignant cells within a tumor mass and possess the abilityExpand
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Differentiation of the Endometrial Macrophage during Pregnancy in the Cow
Background The presence of conceptus alloantigens necessitates changes in maternal immune function. One player in this process may be the macrophage. In the cow, there is large-scale recruitment ofExpand
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MicroRNA-345 induces apoptosis in pancreatic cancer cells through potentiation of caspase-dependent and -independent pathways
Background:Previously, miR-345 was identified as one of the most significantly downregulated microRNAs in pancreatic cancer (PC); however, its functional significance remainedExpand
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Identifikation von Tumorstammzellen in gemischten Populationen
A new technology allows target RNA levels to be determined within individual live cells, without damaging the cells. The new probes enable labelling and sorting of cancer stem cells based on theExpand
Precision probiotic therapy enhances immune checkpoint therapy efficacy in melanoma bearing mice.
e14195Background: Immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy, ICT, achieves remissions in melanoma patients but factors modulating response are not well defined. Our group (Frankel et al. Neoplasia 2017) ...
Abstract 3370: Natural compound targeting metabolism: A new insight for the treatment of triple negative breast cancer
Proceedings: AACR Annual Meeting 2014; April 5-9, 2014; San Diego, CA Background: Triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) is a highly diverse group associated with an aggressive phenotype,Expand