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Peripheral pain pathways are activated by a range of stimuli. We used diphtheria toxin to kill all mouse postmitotic sensory neurons expressing the sodium channel Nav1.8. Mice showed normal motor activity and low-threshold mechanical and acute noxious heat responses but did not respond to noxious mechanical pressure or cold. They also showed a loss of(More)
Human monogenic pain syndromes have provided important insights into the molecular mechanisms that underlie normal and pathological pain states. We describe an autosomal-dominant familial episodic pain syndrome characterized by episodes of debilitating upper body pain, triggered by fasting and physical stress. Linkage and haplotype analysis mapped this(More)
The Hugoniot of the rutile phase of titanium dioxide has been determined to 1.25 megabars, and data show the existence of a phase change at about 0.33 megabar. The volume decrease associated with this transformation appears to be quite large (approximately 21 percent). Rutile, when recovered from shockloading in excess of the transformation pressure, is(More)
In this paper we describe results from tests of an explosive pulsed power system designed to deliver 15-16 MA to a plasma flow switch (PFS). The PFS,1 in turn, has the goal of switching current to a z-pinch load to produce a 1-MJ implosion for x-ray generation experiments. The system consists of a MKIX magnetic flux-compression generator, 2 a coaxial(More)
  • Steve Marsh
  • 2014
Information security has evolved and in the last few years there has been renewed interest in the subject worldwide. This is evident from the many standards and certifications now available to guide security strategy. This has led to a more clear career path for security professionals.
The world is changing, and Agents seem to be on everyone's lips. The world is changing, collaborative technologies and collaboration in general, especially across distance, is becoming more and more important. Combining the power of autonomous, pseudo-intelligent agents and collaborative systems is not only a good idea, we think it's vital to making the(More)