Steve Mangelsdorf

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The role of the mother-toddler attachment relationship in moderating the relations between behavioral inhibition and changes in salivary cortisol levels in response to novel events was examined in 77 18-month-olds. Behavioral inhibition was determined by observing toddler inhibition of approach to several novel events. Attachment security to mother was(More)
66 mother-infant pairs were examined when the infants were 9 and 13 months. The purpose of this report was to examine relations between infant proneness-to-distress temperament, maternal personality characteristics, and mother-infant attachment. There were no main-effect relations between infant proneness-to-distress temperament as assessed at 9 months and(More)
A particular perspective on relationship systems served as the basis for this research. Postulates within this perspective include qualitative aspects of relationships are stable over time, and there are lawful relations among relationships within the same system. Previously, a concept of seductive mother-toddler relationships was initially validated. From(More)
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