Steve M. V. Gwynne

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Computer based analysis of evacuation can be performed using one of three di4erent approaches, namely optimization, simulation and risk assessment. Furthermore, within each approach di4erent means of representing the enclosure, the population and the behaviour of the population are possible. The myriad of approaches that are available has led to the(More)
Fatal crush conditions occur in crowds with tragic frequency. Event organizers and architects are often criticised for failing to consider the causes and implications of crush, but the reality is that both the prediction and prevention of such conditions offer a significant technical challenge. Full treatment of physical force within crowd simulations is(More)
Several simulation environments exist for the simulation of large-scale evacuations of buildings, ships, or other enclosed spaces. These offer sophisticated tools for the study of human behaviour, the recreation of environmental factors such as fire or smoke, and the inclusion of architectural or structural features, such as elevators, pillars and exits.(More)
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