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A new technique for design centering, and for polytope approximation of the feasible region for a design are presented. In the rst phase, the feasible region is approximated by a convex polytope, using a method based on a theorem on convex sets. As a natural consequence of this approach, a good approximation to the design center is obtained. In the next(More)
paper presents preliminary findings and is being distributed to economists and other interested readers solely to stimulate discussion and elicit comments. The views expressed in this paper are those of the authors and are not necessarily reflective of views at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York or the Federal Reserve System. Any errors or omissions are(More)
In this thesis, we explore three problems arising during the logic synthesis and physical design stages of VLSI circuit design. We rst present a new formulation for the retiming of single-phase clocked circuits containing latches. Then, we discuss crosstalk optimization in channel-based routings, and nally present a new performance-driven algorithm for the(More)
BACKGROUND Haglund's deformity is an enlargement of the posterosuperior prominence of the calcaneus, which is frequently associated with insertional Achilles tendinitis. To our knowledge, no study has been done successfully correlating the characteristics of a Haglund's deformity with insertional Achilles tendinitis. The purpose of our study was to analyze(More)
Oral mucosa follows a distinctly different trajectory of wound healing than skin. Although there are contemporary guidelines regarding treatment of burns to the skin, there is no standard of care specific to intraoral burns. This narrative review proposes an evidence-based treatment algorithm for the management of intraoral burns. Data was collated through(More)
Reduced form models of default that attribute a large fraction of credit spreads to compensation for credit event risk typically preclude the most plausible economic justification for such risk to be priced: namely, a “contagious” response of the market portfolio to the credit event. When this channel is introduced within a general equilibrium framework for(More)
INTRODUCTION Pierre Robin sequence (PRS) is a rare disorder classically observed as a triad of features including micrognathia, glossoptosis, and upper airway obstruction. It is associated with a syndrome in about 60% of cases. While odontogenic tumors are common findings in patients with familial adenomatous polyposis and nevoid basal cell carcinoma(More)
We studied the activity levels of matrix metalloproteinase 1, 2, and 9 in periovulatory fluids from naturally occurring menstrual cycles versus those from samples taken from menstrual cycles stimulated with clomiphene citrate or recombinant stimulating hormone. No statistically significant differences were found.
BACKGROUND Genomic testing in cancer (GTC) characterizes genes that play an important role in the development and growth of a patient's cancer. This form of DNA testing is currently being studied for its ability to guide cancer therapy. The objective of the current study was to describe patients' knowledge, attitudes, and expectations toward GTC. METHODS(More)