Steve Lytinen

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The effectiveness of Internet search engines is often hampered by the ambiguity of user queries and the reluctance or inability of users to build less ambiguous multi-word queries. Our system, ARCH, is a client-side Web agent, which incorporates domainspecific concept hierarchies together with interactive query formulation in order to automatically produce(More)
One of the key factors for accurate and effective information access is the user context. The critical elements that make up a user's information context include the semantic knowledge about the domain being investigated, the short-term information need as might be expressed in a query, and the user profiles that reveal long-term interests. In this paper,(More)
In this paper we present the design of a client-side agent, named ARCH, for assisting users in one of the most difficult information retrieval tasks, i.e., that of formulating an effective search query. In contrast to traditional methods based on relevance feedback, ARCH assists users in query modification prior to the search task. The initial user query is(More)
We present a theory of conversation comprehension in which a l ine of the conversation is "understood" by relat ing it to one of seven possible "points". We define these points, and present examples where it seems plausible that the fai lure to "get the point" would indeed constitute a fai lure to understand the conversation. We argue that the recognition(More)
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