Steve Lyall

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To evaluate the effect of caloric restriction and dietary composition on circulating T3 and rT3 obese subjects were studied after 7-18 days of total fasting and while on randomized hypocaloric diets (800 kcal) in which carbohydrate content was varied to provide from 0 to 100% calories. As anticipated, total fasting resulted in a 53% reduction in serum T3 in(More)
A patient with a posterior mediastinal malignant neurofibrosarcoma and recurrent episodes of severe hypoglycemia was demonstrated to have basal hyperinsulinemia on repeated study. Despite hypoglycemia, there was no glucagon response to aminogenic stimulation. No immunoreactive insulin was detected on extraction of the tumor and no secretory granules of beta(More)
The assessment of reversibility of a contraceptive method is of importance to both providers and users. Ninety-one women who discontinued IUD use because of desire of pregnancy were followed up for pregnancy and its outcome. Cumulative pregnancy rates at 3, 6, 12, and 18 months after IUD removal were 61.5%, 87.9%, 92.3%, and 96.7%, respectively. Mean(More)
Traditional methods of survey data collection in education and research in samples of undergraduate students have largely consisted of pen-and-paper surveys administered in laboratory settings. The Emotion Regulation Application (ERA) project aims to provide a system to facilitate the gathering of data from study participants using a mobile application(More)
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