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Blue Gene/L represents a new way to build supercomputers, using a large number of low power processors, together with multiple integrated interconnection networks. Whether real applications can scale to tens of thousands of processors (on a machine like Blue Gene/L) has been an open question. In this paper, we describe early experience with several physics(More)
BlueGene/L (BG/L), developed through a partnership between IBM and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), is currently the world's largest system both in terms of scale, with 131,072 processors, and absolute performance , with a peak rate of 367 Tflop/s. BG/L has led the last four Top500 lists with a Linpack rate of 280.6 Tflop/s for the full(More)
The contributions of many individuals have been important to the production of this document, and many others have been instrumental in reviewing it. Without their dedicated efforts, the content would not be as authoritative and well organized as it is. Specifically, the ASCI program wishes to recognize Paul Messina and Dave Luginbuhl, both formerly with(More)
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