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Hybridization between taxonomically similar species is an often-overlooked mechanism limiting the recovery of threatened and endangered species. We present molecular genetic data for the first time demonstrating that Canada lynx and bobcats hybridize in the wild. We verify that two microsatellite loci Lc106 and Lc110 have non-overlapping allele ranges(More)
The substituted benzamides or orthopramides are used to treat gastrointestinal and psychotic disorders. The orthopramide clebopride, a potent dopaminergic antagonist, blocks emesis in dogs and stereotyped behavior in rodents. Since the release of prolactin is inhibited by dopamine, antidopaminergic drugs may be useful to increase lactation in nursing(More)
The inhibitory effect of the intravenous anaesthetic ketamine on CaCl2-induced contractions in the isolated K+-depolarized uterus of the rat in Ca2+-free medium was compared with that produced by papaverine, theophylline and the calcium entry blocker verapamil. Pre-incubation for 20 min with either ketamine (0.3 to 3 mM), papaverine (3 to 30 microM),(More)
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