Steve Lindeman

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BACKGROUND So far no comprehensive systematic review has been published about epidemiologic studies on suicides among medical practitioners. The aim here is to describe the variation of published estimates of relative risk of doctors to die from suicide. METHOD A systematic review of published original articles on population-based studies, registered(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare fasting serum lipid concentrations of subjects with schizophrenia with a comparison group. METHOD The study sample consists of 5654 members of the northern Finland 1966 birth cohort who participated in the field study with blood samples after overnight fasting and clinical examination in 1997-98. Total cholesterol (TC), high-density(More)
Epilepsy in those with learning disability (LD) is currently managed by various health agencies with no obvious criteria for selecting particular care pathways and limited evidence-based descriptions of optimal treatment. The aim of this study was to examine relationships between management strategies and clinical outcomes in a community-based cohort of(More)
Despite observations associating lower IQ and psychopathology in epilepsy, the possible differential effects of varying severity of learning (intellectual) disability (LD) on the manifestation of psychopathology in people with LD and epilepsy have not been clarified. In this study of retrospectively collected data describing the epilepsy, learning(More)
HISTORY AND SIGNS A 37-y-old worker for a recycling company suffered from a corneal perforation by a wire which had been in contact with dirt and moisture. THERAPY AND OUTCOME Initially, the typical signs of an endophthalmitis were missing so that we only irrigated and instilled antibiotics into the anterior chamber. However, later on two pars-plana(More)
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