Steve L Sollis

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BACKGROUND Inhibitors of the influenza virus neuraminidase have been shown to be effective antiviral agents in humans. Several studies have reported the selection of novel influenza strains when the virus is cultured with neuraminidase inhibitors in vitro. These resistant viruses have mutations either in the neuraminidase or in the viral haemagglutinin.(More)
The first paper in this series (see previous article) described structure-activity studies of carboxamide analogues of zanamivir binding to influenza virus sialidase types A and B and showed that inhibitory activity of these compounds was much greater against influenza A enzyme. To understand the large differences in affinities, a number of protein-ligand(More)
Synthesis of 5R-Acetamido-4S-amino-4H-pyran-6R-O-( -ethyl)propyl and 6R-(1-oxo-2-ethyl)butyl 2-carboxylic acids (4 and 5) and their evaluation as inhibitors of influenza virus sialidase is described. Both compounds showed good inhibitory activity with marked selectivity for influenza A sialidase.
A six-stage stereoselective synthesis of indanyl-7-(3'-pyridyl)-(3R,6R,7R)-2,5-diketopiperazines oxytocin antagonists from indene is described. SAR studies involving mono- and disubstitution in the 3'-pyridyl ring and variation of the 3-isobutyl group gave potent compounds (pK(i) > 9.0) with good aqueous solubility. Evaluation of the pharmacokinetic profile(More)
A short, efficient, and highly stereoselective synthesis of a series of (3R,6R,7R)-2,5-diketopiperazine oxytocin antagonists and their pharmacokinetics in rat and dog is described. Prediction of the estimated human oral absorption (EHOA) using measured lipophilicity (CHI log D) and calculated size (cMR) has allowed us to rank various 2,5-diketopiperazine(More)
This paper covers efforts to discover orally active potent and selective oxytocin antagonists. Screening pooled libraries identified a novel series of 2,5-diketopiperazine derivatives with antagonist activity at the human oxytocin receptor. We report the initial structure-activity relationship investigations and the determination of the stereochemistry of(More)
4-Amino- and 4-guanidino-4H-pyran-6-carboxamides 4 and 5 related to zanamivir (GG167) are a new class of inhibitors of influenza virus sialidases. Structure--activity studies reveal that, in general, secondary amides are weak inhibitors of both influenza A and B viral sialidases. However, tertiary amides, which contain one or more small alkyl groups, show(More)
A short stereoselective synthesis of a series of chiral 7-aryl-2,5-diketopiperazines oxytocin antagonists is described. Varying the functionality and substitution pattern of substituents in the 7-aryl ring and varying the chirality of this exocyclic ring have produced potent oxytocin antagonists (pK(i) > 8.5). SAR and pharmacokinetic profiling of this(More)
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