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Forensic comparison of soils by bacterial community DNA profiling.
This preliminary investigation has shown that a soil microbial community DNA profile can be obtained from the small sample of soil recovered from the sole of a shoe, and from soil stains on clothing.Expand
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Discrimination of Soils at Regional and Local Levels Using Bacterial and Fungal T‐RFLP Profiling *
Abstract:  DNA profiling of microbial communities has been proposed as a tool for forensic comparison of soils, but its potential to discriminate between soils from similar land use and/or geographicExpand
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New Zealand population data at five VNTR loci: validation as databases for forensic identity testing.
Databases were developed for three New Zealand ethnic groups (Caucasian, Maori and Polynesian), at five VNTR loci (D1S7, D2S44, D4S139, D5S110 and D12S11), and validated for interpretation ofExpand
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