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Tracheo-oesophageal puncture for voice restoration is a well-established technique post-laryngectomy. A number of complications can occur with the creation of a tracheo-oesophageal fistula (TOF) and in the subsequent management of the patient with an indwelling voice rehabilitation system. This article is the first to report the use of Hylaform, a(More)
INTRODUCTION Imaging of cholesteatomas can be useful especially in cases of recurrent disease. Computed tomography scans have been recommended before primary surgery, but cholesteatoma tissue looks similar to inflammatory tissue. Diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging is both sensitive and specific in detecting cholesteatoma, which appears as a(More)
Tonsilloliths are calcified concretions that originate within the palatal tonsil crypts. Moreover, development of these concretions into giant tonsilloliths is exceptionally uncommon. We present a 17-year-old female with a two-year history of increasing dysphagia, persistent oral cavity swelling and speech alteration. Clinical examination of the oral cavity(More)
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