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Interleukin-12 (IL-12) is a B-cell and monocyte-derived 75 kDa heterodimeric cytokine released early after immune stimulation. It promotes the cytolytic maturation and proliferation of T and natural killer (NK) cells and release of interferon-gamma from these effectors. Furthermore, IL-12 appears to stimulate the production of a Th1 immune response. We have(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the effectiveness of laparoscopy versus laparotomy in the treatment of endometriomata. DESIGN Controlled study using data prospectively tabulated. SETTING Treatment performed by senior author in a referral reproductive endocrinology and surgery private practice. PATIENTS One hundred infertile women were diagnosed with(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the hypothesis that pregnancy rates (PRs) after operative laparoscopy (Laparoscopy Group) for endometriosis treatment would be equal to or greater than diagnostic laparoscopy only (No Treatment Group), diagnostic laparoscopy with medical treatment (Medical Treatment Group), and laparotomy (Laparotomy Group). DESIGN Prospectively(More)
Although GnRH is believed to be the primary secretagogue for LH, oxytocin has also been shown to stimulate LH release from the anterior pituitary. We investigated the possibility that the two secretagogues interact in the modulation of LH release. Anterior pituitaries were removed from adult female rats at pro-oestrus, and tissue pieces were pre-incubated(More)
OBJECTIVE We assessed if an ongoing, multifaceted quality improvement program improved mental health care in a low-income, uninsured primary care clinic. METHODS We reviewed the charts of 500 consecutive patients in 1999 and 500 consecutive patients in 2004 to compare the number of mental health visits; the percentage of patients with more than three(More)
PURPOSE We studied the T-cell receptor alpha chain and beta chain variable region usage in HLA-A2-restricted and melanoma-specific T lymphocytes and correlated such T-cell receptor usage with HLA-A2-presented peptide-specific T-cell recognition. MATERIALS AND METHODS Tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes were isolated from a metastatic melanoma lesion and cloned(More)
Oxytocin has been previously shown to augment GnRH-stimulated LH release. However it is currently unknown which intracellular mediators participate in the process. In this study, after preincubation with oxytocin for 3 hours, quartered pituitaries were stimulated for 15 minutes with GnRH. The effects of diBucAMP, a cell permeable analog of cAMP, and DDA, an(More)
Application security is a crucial problem in today's technological society. Currently, there does not exist a place for discovering, learning, and testing secure design principles. Fireaxe is the pilot competition that attempts to fill this gap. Two teams, one in New Mexico, and one in California, participated in this trial run. We successfully show that a(More)
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