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1. Understanding and accurately predicting the spatial patterns of habitat use by organisms is important for ecological research, biodiversity conservation and ecosystem management. However, this understanding is complicated by the effects of spatial scale, because the scale of analysis affects the quantification of species-environment relationships. 2. We(More)
Subjects rated the importance of 24 different contributors towards overcoming four relatively common problems: alcoholism, depression, sexual problems and shyness. Factor analysis revealed seven almost identical clusters for each problem, which were labelled inner control, receiving help, understanding, social consequences, physical basis, avoidance and(More)
One hundred and seventy two stroke patients were assessed two weeks post-stroke by a multi-disciplinary team. The predictive ability of a number of variables, including social, psychological and physical factors, was estimated for four outcome groups. Highly significant factors for good and bad outcome for one year were identified.
Sexual activity in mature male African elephants is predominantly associated with the occurrence of musth, a state or condition which refers to a set of physical, physiological and behavioral characteristics, including an elevation in androgen levels. Although musth appears to be energetically costly, the degree to which it is associated with changes in(More)
This paper is concerned with how Type A and B subjects perceive themselves. Subjects first completed a unidimensional A type measure, then rated themselves and their ideal selves on various personality traits. As expected, Type A was associated with negative self-ratings and high actual-ideal self-discrepancy scores. However, it is argued that(More)
This paper reports on two studies of how Type A and B subjects perceive themselves. Both studies investigated differences in self-ratings of personality by Type As and Bs, and differences in the recall of positive and negative personality information. As predicted, a modest significant positive correlation was found in both studies between Type A scores and(More)
The Caine-Marteau-Dympna (CMD) Test, a new thematic apperception projective test, has acceptable inter-rater reliability. Validity was demonstrated by its ability to differentiate psychiatric in-patients from out-patients and non-patients, and by the relationships found between ratings derived from the test protocols and various questionnaires. These latter(More)
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