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In this paper, we present a low power architecture for scan-path. This architecture is suitable when it is used with a test compression. Based on data compression methodology, the vector set is partitioned so that the segments repeated in every scan can be removed. Here, it is not needed to change all bits of scan path during the new scan path where new(More)
Simulation is often said to be more of an art than a science. One area where this is clearly illustrated is in determining the data requirements for a simulation project. Data and related concerns are all issues for which there are few standards or clear-cut rules. Although a great deal of literature is available on the analysis of input and output data(More)
Simulation models represent an abstraction of real life systems in terms of their components, parameters, and relationships. To obtain an acceptable understanding of any simulated system, experiments must be performed on their elements through representative simulation runs. Statistically designed experiments can be employed to improve the efficiency and(More)
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