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Several psychiatric diseases, including schizophrenia, are thought to have a developmental aetiology, but to date no clear link has been made between psychiatric disease and a specific developmental process. LPA(1) is a G(i)-coupled seven transmembrane receptor with high affinity for lysophosphatidic acid. Although LPA(1) is expressed in several peripheral(More)
When looking out across the intellectual landscape of HCI, how do we make sense of it? More importantly , how do we evaluate what constitutes legitimate investigation? As an interdisciplinary field, HCI faces challenges in incorporating sometimes conflicting intellectual approaches. While new approaches enrich our view of interaction, they can also lead to(More)
BACE1 is a key enzyme in the generation of Abeta, the major component of senile plaques in the brains of Alzheimer's disease patients. We have generated transgenic mice expressing human BACE1 with the Cam Kinase II promoter driving neuronal-specific expression. The transgene contains the full-length coding sequence of human BACE1 preceding an internal(More)
Mouse delta-like 3 (Dll3), a novel vertebrate homologue of the Drosophila gene Delta was isolated by a subtracted library screen. In Drosphila, the Delta/Notch signalling pathway functions in many situations in both embryonic and adult life where cell fate specification occurs. In addition, a patterning role has been described in the establishment of the(More)
Computing education has permeated virtually all disciplines, expanding learning with new technology and an updated definition of literacy that includes computational thinking. As opportunities for multidisciplinary courses that include computing increase, so do the challenges placed on faculty to develop such courses and the required computing expertise(More)
Collaborative drumming is a creative human activity that requires a high degree of coordination among the participants. In this study, inexperienced drummer and experienced drummer participants were paired with a computer or experienced human drummer counterpart and given the task of producing musical rhythms on the fly. We found differing patterns of music(More)
Mobile, digital technologies are thought to augment and transcend the limits of our places, yet they raise the issue of what our places are. PlaceMark is a simple, distributed col-laborative authoring environment constructed in conjunction with a site-specific writing activity. Here, we examine it as a cultural probe, investigating how new media students(More)
Keywords: Successor science Situated knowledges Critical technical practice Feminist philosophy of science Standpoint epistemology Third paradigm a b s t r a c t Epistemological issues have long been debated by feminist philosophers aiming to answer the question, ''what difference does it make to take gendered points of view seriously in the construction of(More)
Video conferencing allows distance-separated family members to interact somewhat akin to being together at the same place and time. Yet most video conferencing systems are designed for phone-like calls between only two locations. Using such systems for long interactions or social gatherings with multiple families is cumbersome, if not impossible. For this(More)