Steve Haga

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A hardware method for functional unit assignment is presented, based on the principle that a functional unitýs power consumption is approximated by the switching activity of its inputs. Since computing the Hamming distance of the inputs in hardware is expensive, only a portion of the inputs are examined. Integers often have many identical top bits, due(More)
Code size is an important concern in embedded systems. VLIW architectures are popular for embedded systems, but often increase code size, by requiring NOPs to be inserted into the code to satisfy instruction placement constraints. Existing VLIW instruction schedulers target run-time but not code size. Indeed, current schedulers often increase code size, by(More)
Nowadays, multimedia services over wireless networks are increasingly popular. With multicast, many mobile stations can join the same video group and share the same radio resource to efficiently increase frequency utilization. However, users may be located at different positions, and so suffer different degrees of path loss and interference, and receive a(More)
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