Steve H Bryant

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A novel statistical analysis of non-bonded contacts in a set of known protein structures shows that the natural residue types fall into five or six groups distinguishable by nearest neighbor preference. The observed pattern of contact specificities clearly reflects residue hydrophobicity and charge. Its most striking feature is that residues in the(More)
BACKGROUND In recent years, the number of High Throughput Screening (HTS) assays deposited in PubChem has grown quickly. As a result, the volume of both the structured information (i.e. molecular structure, bioactivities) and the unstructured information (such as descriptions of bioassay experiments), has been increasing exponentially. As a result, it has(More)
Fasciclin III is an integral membrane protein expressed on a subset of axons in the developing Drosophila nervous system. It consists of an intracellular domain, a transmembrane region, and an extracellular region composed of three domains, each predicted to form an immunoglobulin-like fold. The most N-terminal of these domains is expected to be important(More)
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