Steve Gunderson

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ABOUT ITRC Established in 1995, the Interstate Technology & Regulatory Council (ITRC) is a state-led, national coalition of personnel from the environmental regulatory agencies of some 40 states and the District of Columbia; three federal agencies; tribes; and public and industry stakeholders. The organization is devoted to reducing barriers to, and(More)
1. ABSTRACT This paper addresses the " ents, til~ and implementation of the Al system for the Aladdin Multiprocessor. The Aladdin processor is an ARPA-'development intended-to ack one ml S1l-sizedpackage. The f IlardwaIe configuration has over 2 GFLOPS plus 1 GOPS (peak) throughput in a 4.5x6-inch cylinder. The basic processor is composed of from 2 to 64(More)
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