Steve Gerrish

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We have compared changes in haemodynamic variables before and during transurethral resection of the prostate in 22 patients under general or spinal anaesthesia. In the general anaesthetic group there was a significant decrease in cardiac output (mean 32% (SEM 5%)) and mean arterial pressure (14% (3%)) after induction of anaesthesia and a significant(More)
EMLA cream (eutectic mixture of local anaesthetics) was tested in a double-blind clinical trial to examine its effect on the pain of venepuncture at induction of anaesthesia in 40 children (aged 3-13 yrs). Four pain-assessment methods were used and an assessment of the technical ease of venepuncture was made. EMLA was found to reduce significantly the pain(More)
Fifty patients with fractured neck of femur that required surgical correction with either a compression screw or pin and plate device were randomly allocated to receive one of two anaesthetic techniques, general anaesthesia combined with either opioid supplementation or triple nerve block (three in one block) with subcostal nerve block. The nerve blocks(More)
High continuous flow breathing systems are now available to provide fresh gas flows well in excess of 100 l.min-1 in continuous positive airway pressure systems used for respiratory support. The performance of two commonly used intensive care humidifiers, the Kendal Conchatherm and the Fisher and Paykel FP310 have been assessed at flows of 50, 75, 100, 125(More)