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In collaborations with both Lockheed-Martin (LM) and the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), Emcore has incorporated its cutting-edge IMM cell technologies on MISSE-8 in a variety of cell form factors and two distinct configurations. The first is a double coverglass (DCG) arrangement, where adhesive and coverglass are attached to both the front and(More)
Chloramphenicol (CAP), an antibiotic which causes various blood dyscrasias, was shown to inhibit in vitro protein synthesis of human blood platelets. The effect is dose- and time-dependent, it is reversible after incubation for 2 h, and is comparable with the suppression achieved by cycloheximide (CXM). Electron microscopic examination revealed swelling and(More)
The Naval Research Labs (NRL) has been funded for the second Forward Solar Cell Technology Experiment (FTSCE). As part of a risk reduction effort for future programs, Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company (LMSSC) fabricated a flight experiment for FTSCE II. The experiment consists of two coupons. The first coupon has UTJ and BTJM solar cells from Spectrolab(More)
Repeated low power, or primary arcing, may adversely affect the performance of space solar cells. The cumulative effects of primary arcing on common solar cell performance parameters has been the subject of numerous ground studies in simulated plasma environments. The Primary Arc effects on Solar Cells At LEO (PASCAL) flight experiment is presently active(More)
We used an intrascleral implantation technique to anchor a keratoprosthesis in the limbal sclera of 22 rabbits' eyes. The tangential-radial traction used in this procedure enabled multivectorial traction forces to be applied while maintaining a tight junction between the biological tissue and the foreign material. During 29 weeks of follow-up there was no(More)
An experimental design of keratoprosthesis anchored into the limbal sclera is presented. The surgical procedure enables a watertight junction between the keratoprosthesis and the globe. Dehiscence of the keratoprosthesis-limbal sclera junction occurs when an area of locus resistentia minoris is created in the lower limbus. An artificial drainage system is(More)
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