Steve G. Steinberg

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Most recent MPP systems employ a fast microprocessor surrounded by a shell of communication and synchronization logic. The CRAY-T3D provides an elaborate shell to support global-memory access, prefetch, atomic operations, barriers, and block transfers. We provide a detailed empirical performance characterization of these primitives using micro-benchmarks(More)
We present a case study in the use of performance modeling for parallel application development, with a biological cell simulation as our target application. We show that a simple performance model is adequate for determining data layout for arrays and linked structures, and validate our model against experimental results for some application kernels. We(More)
A kinin-forming neutral protease has been demonstrated in human neutrophil leukocytes. The enzyme may be obtained either by isolating the granule (lysosome)-rich fraction or by subjecting the cells to phagocytosis and thus inducing specific lysosomal release. The enzyme release kinin from a highly purified preparation of human plasma kininogen. The(More)
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