Steve Franks

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Time Warp's optimistic scheduling requires the maintenance of simulation state history to support rollback in the event of causality violations. State history, and the ability to rollback the simulation, can provide unique functionality for human-in-the-loop simulation environments. This paper investigates the use of Time Warp to output valid simulation(More)
SimKit is a C++ class library that is designed for fast discrete event simulation. SimKit presents a simple, elegant logical process view of simulation enabling both sequential and parallel execution without code changes to application models. The sequential executive performs well on a variety of UNIX platforms and facilitates debugging and testing. The(More)
Sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) is a glycoprotein responsible for the transport and biologic availability of sex steroid hormones, primarily testosterone and estradiol. SHBG has been associated with chronic diseases including type 2 diabetes (T2D) and with hormone-sensitive cancers such as breast and prostate cancer. We performed a genome-wide(More)
Optimistic parallel discrete event simulation (PDES) uses a state history trail to support rollback. State saving strategies range from making a complete copy of a model's state after each event execution to recording a sequence of each state modification made during event execution. The former is called copy state saving (CSS) and the latter incremental(More)
A role for the regulation of cellular Ca2+ homeostasis in the dopaminergic control of prolactin secretion was investigated in rat anterior pituitary glands. Withdrawal of dopamine stimulated the uptake of 45Ca2+ into hemipituitary tissue by 48% after 3 min. Radioisotope desaturation from tissue prelabelled with 45Ca2+ was significantly retarded in the(More)
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