Steve Franklin

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An Arabidopsis thaliana L. DNA containing the tRNA(TrpUGG) gene was isolated and altered to encode the amber suppressor tRNA(TrpUAG) or the ochre suppressor tRNA(TrpUAA). These DNAs were electroporated into carrot protoplasts and tRNA expression was demonstrated by the translational suppression of amber and ochre nonsense mutations in the chloramphenicol(More)
Simian immunodeficiency virus protease (SIV-PR) was produced in Escherichia coli with a recombinant expression system in which the mature enzyme autoprocessed from a precursor form. Recombinant SIV and HIV-1 (human immunodeficiency virus, type 1) proteases were purified from bacterial cell lysates by use of sequential steps of ammonium sulfate precipitation(More)
The treatment of children with life-threatening cardiac and cardiopulmonary failure is a large and underappreciated public health concern. We have previously shown that the CentriMag is a magnetically levitated centrifugal pump system, having the utility for treating adults and large children (1,500 utilized worldwide). We present here the PediVAS, a pump(More)
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