Steve Forget

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STUDY DESIGN In vitro assays were performed with bone-forming cells isolated from 41 patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis and 17 control patients exhibiting another type of scoliosis or none. OBJECTIVE To determine whether a dysfunction of the melatonin-signaling pathway in tissues targeted by this hormone is involved in adolescent idiopathic(More)
Measurements of the diffusion length L for triplet excitons in small molecular-weight organic semiconductors are commonly carried out using a technique in which a phosphorescent-doped probe layer is set in the vicinity of a supposed exciton generation zone. However, analyses commonly used to retrieve L ignore microcavity effects that may induce a strong(More)
We report a wide-field fluorescence lifetime imaging microscope based on a low-repetition-rate (3.7-MHz) passively mode-locked diode-pumped laser source. This inexpensive and compact laser source operating in the visible and UV range can excite a wide range of fluorophores of biological interest. We demonstrate that the power of this laser source is highly(More)
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