Steve Ellyson

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Two studies, with undergraduate subjects, investigated how sex and situation-specific power factors relate to visual behavior in mixed-sex interactions. The power variable in Study 1 was expert power, based on differential knowledge. Mixed-sex dyads were formed such that members had complementary areas of expertise. In Study 2, reward power was manipulated.(More)
We conducted a multichannel investigation of how gender-based familiarity moderates verbal and nonverbal behaviors between men and women. Undergraduates in 24 mixed-sex dyads discussed masculine, feminine, and non-gender-linked topics. The primary dependent variables were verbal and nonverbal behaviors related to social power. The verbal behaviors examined(More)
Understanding how humans recognize face sketches drawn by artists is of significant value to both criminal investigators and researchers in computer vision, face biometrics and cognitive psychology. However, large scale experimental studies of hand-drawn face sketches are still very limited in terms of the number of artists, the number of sketches, and the(More)
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