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Although the terms cyberspace and virtual reality have been around for years, virtual reality as an industry is in its infancy. The term virtual reality is credited to Jaron Lanier, founder of VPL Research; earlier experimenters, like Myron Krueger in the mid-1970s, used phrases like artificial reality. William Gibson coined cyberspace in his 1984 science(More)
We describe a high performance facial tracking and animation solution, called the Digital Cloning System TM , specifically designed to meet the needs of the entertainment industry. Special and digital effects are now being used in most feature films, thus representing an important new application domain for facial and body tracking technologies. Virtual(More)
1 Abstract Computer graphics based character animation has been a very active topic of research. Much of this research has focused on creating characters that are both the most realistic visually and in motion, regardless of computational cost-both in time and processing power. Creating animated characters for interactive entertainment poses a unique(More)
During this century the epidemiology of the affective disorders has been studied, several classifications have been described and effective treatment measures have been introduced. Difficulties have been encountered in the epidemiology area due to inconsistent use of the terminology of measurement and varying types of classification; although it is possible(More)
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