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Laurillard sees dialogue as a crucial component of learning and she states that it is almost impossible to achieve in lectures. This paper identifies eight impediments to dialogue in lectures, and shows how they are or can be overcome by (a) adjusting the activities that take place within lectures, (b) using existing Group Response Systems (GRSs), and (c)(More)
This paper presents an exploratory study that created a Virtual Reality Environment (VRE) to stimulate motivation and creativity in imaginative writing at primary school level. The main aim of the study was to investigate if an interactive, semi-immersive Virtual Reality (VR) world could increase motivation and stimulate pupils' imagination in the context(More)
The oxygen uptake (VO2) attained during a constant speed 800-m pace trial on a treadmill is less than the maximal VO2 (VO2max) in male middle-distance runners with a high VO2max (i.e., > 65 ml x kg (-1) x min (-1)). We therefore investigated whether the VO2 attained was influenced by the pacing strategy adopted. Eight male middle-distance runners (age 25.8(More)
We compared the oxygen uptake (VO2) response of sprint- and endurance-trained runners for an exhaustive square wave run lasting approximately 2 minutes. Six sprinters and six middle- and long-distance runners each performed two exhaustive square wave runs lasting approximately 2 min and two exhaustive ramp tests. VO2 was determined breath-by-breath (QP9000;(More)
The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of exercising at the epinephrine threshold and at Maximum Power Output on the performance of a skill that requires both decision-making and motor performance. Participants (N=12) undertook an incremental test to exhaustion from which their epinephrine threshold and Maximum Power Output were calculated.(More)
Plasma lactate and catecholamine thresholds were calculated using three different variations of linear regression, an algorithmic linear regression method, a log-log transformation method and a semi-log method. A group of 18 male sports science students undertook an incremental test to exhaustion on a cycle ergometer. A 5-ml blood sample was drawn at rest,(More)
It is becoming feasible and practical to monitor the generic computer usage of students for extended periods, recording low level actions such as mouse clicks, typing and window changes. This paper presents a case study on the deployment of GRUMPS technology during a period of six weeks when 4.7 million such actions were collected from 141 first year(More)