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These studies were directed toward determining effects of selected vasoactive compounds on oxygenated erythrocytes. Considering the major circulatory effects that small changes in blood flow might initiate in sickle cell anemia patients, erythrocytes from individuals with this disease and from one person with the trait condition were included. PGA1, PGE1,(More)
Previous studies indicate that there is a fall in maternal plasma progesterone and a marked increase in mammary blood flow (MBF) at the time of parturition in ewes. In this experiment the role of progesterone as a cause of this increase in MBF was investigated. Progesterone was infused (9.9 mcg. per minute) into a branch of the mammary artery in five sheep(More)
Recent studies from our laboratory suggest that estrogen-induced luteolysis in the primate may be mediated through synthesis of prostaglandin F2 alpha (PGF2 alpha). To elucidate further the mechanism of luteolysis, normally cycling rhesus monkeys received intra-corpus luteum (CL) injections of estradiol (100 microgram), PGF2 alpha (500 microgram), or the(More)
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