Steve Deutsch

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A method of combined dynamic and static bone-imaging using technetium 99-labeled phosphonate is described. During the dynamic part of the study, immediately after intravenous injection of the radionuclide, counts per second were recorded over a period of time for analogous regions of normal and diseased bones. The counts per second then were plotted against(More)
Using high-speed motion pictures, electromyography, a dynamic piezoelectric force plate, and computer analysis of the data, the gait patterns of fifteen children, four to sixteen years old, with spastic cerebral palsy and genu recurvatum were analyzed to determine the mechanisms producing genu recurvatum and the effect of fixed-ankle below-the-knee(More)
The value of serum beta-hCG measurement in the diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy is well established, and there have been recent studies on the use of serum progesterone levels. However, we have been unable to find any reports on the potential application of serum estradiol (E2) assays in the diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy. We therefore concurrently measured(More)
Plasma levels of estrone (E1), estradiol-17beta (E2), and estriol (E3), as well as follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), luteinizing hormone (LH), and prolactin were measured in 30 control subjects and in 20 postmenopausal patients with adenocarcinoma of the endometrium. Within the sensitivity of the assay (5 to 10 pg.), no E3 was found. Mean levels of E1 and(More)
The vaginal hormone cytology and the serum estrogen levels (as determined by radioimmunoassay) of 39 post-menopausal patients were compared. All cytologic parameters showed high statistical correlations with radioimmunoassay values, but these general associations could not be applied to individual patients. A more detailed analysis showed that an atrophic(More)
Bone scanning provides a unique way of monitoring early metabolic changes in bone and its adjacent soft tissues after trauma. An abnormal scan may often precede radiographic changes by days or weeks. This accounts for its usefulness in the early diagnosis of occult fractures and in fractures not clinically suspected or seen on initial x-ray films in the(More)