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PD 151832 is a potent partial muscarinic agonist that displays a high level of functional selectivity for the muscarinic m1 receptor subtype, as evidenced by its selective stimulation of PI turnover and cellular metabolic activity in transfected Hm1-CHO cells at concentrations that produce minimal stimulation of other cloned human muscarinic receptors. PD(More)
BACKGROUND The ability of mature forms of Plasmodium falciparum infected erythrocytes to bind to a range of host receptors including those displayed on endothelial cells has been associated with the pathology of this infection. Investigations into this adhesive phenomenon have used protein and cell-based adhesion assays to quantify the ability of infected(More)
  • Mike Crabtree Aberdeen, Scotland, Phil Fletcher, Ashley Johnson Rosharon, Texas George King, Andrew Acock +12 others
  • 2000
Imagine an oilfield menace that can smother a productive well within 24 hours. The buildup of scale inside wellbores does exactly that, causing millions of dollars in damage every year. New understanding of scale accumulation is allowing production engineers to predict when scale formation will occur, so that adverse operating conditions can be prevented(More)
OBJECTIVE Although surgical-site infection (SSI) rates are advocated as a major evaluation criterion, the reproducibility of SSI diagnosis is unknown. We assessed agreement in diagnosing SSI among specialists involved in SSI surveillance in Europe. METHODS Twelve case-vignettes based on suspected SSI were submitted to 100 infection-control physicians(More)
PURPOSE The study aimed to establish the test-retest reliability and convergent validity of PlayerLoad™ (triaxial-accelerometer data) during a standardized bout of treadmill running. METHODS Forty-four team-sport players performed 2 standardized incremental treadmill running tests (7-16 km/h) 7 d apart. Players' oxygen uptake (VO2; n = 20), heart rate (n(More)
A suite of macros for the freeware image analysis program, Image SXM, are described. These macros are designed to measure the perimeter, horizontal area, and volume of discrete features in AFM images, obtaining accurate and consistent estimates. Directions for using the software and example applications are also given. Such tools allow one to perform tasks(More)
The five muscarinic receptor subtypes (M1-M5) are characterized by seven helices that define a transmembrane cavity which serves as the binding pocket for agonists and antagonists. The five cavities appear to be topographically different enough to permit subtype selectivity among antagonists but not among classical agonists which tend to be smaller in size(More)
BACKGROUND Little is known about the impact of questionnaire-based data collection methods on the consulting behaviour of general practitioners (family physicians) who participate in research. Here data collected during a research project which involved questionnaires on smoking being distributed to patients before and after appointments with general(More)
PURPOSE To assess the acute alterations in triaxial accelerometry (PlayerLoad [PL(VM)]) and its individual axial planes (anteroposterior PlayerLoad [PL(AP)], mediolateral PlayerLoad [PL(ML)], and vertical PlayerLoad [PL(V)]) during a standardized 90-min soccer match-play simulation (SAFT90). Secondary aims of the study were to assess the test-retest(More)
OBJECTIVES The principle aim of the current study was to examine within-match patterns of locomotor efficiency in professional soccer, determined as the ratio between tri-axial accelerometer data (PlayerLoad™) and locomotor activities. Between match variability and determinants of PlayerLoad™ during match play were also assessed. DESIGN A single cohort,(More)