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Cognitive Mapping is a technique which has been developed over a period of time and through its application has demonstrated its use for Operational Researchers working on a variety of different tasks. These tasks include; providing help with structuring messy or complex data for problem solving, assisting the interview process by increasing understanding(More)
Thelymitra epipactoides has a highly variable visual display achieved through polychromatic flowers and variable inflorescence size, bearing between 7 and 31 flowers, which attract foraging polylectic bees. Only bees of the genusNomia were observed carrying pollinia and successfully pollinating the orchid. The genusNomia contains polylectic, pollen(More)
the value placed on the NHS, while also casting a warning shadow: “The NHS is the public service most valued by British people . . . In an age when our lives and jobs are undergoing constant change, it is reassuring to know that the NHS is there and will take care of us in times of need . . . Yet, despite its many achievements, the NHS has failed to keep(More)
INTRODUCTION Maternity and children’s services are one of the four service areas for which Strategic Clinical Networks (SCN) have been designated in England. Is this latest introduction to the new commissioning framework good news or something that will hardly impinge on the working lives of most paediatricians? More importantly, will this impact on the(More)
The impact of the NHS reforms, and the resulting purchaser-provider split, has refocused attention on the relationship between management and medicine in acute hospitals. It is timely to assess the explanatory power of various theoretical models regarding the management-medicine interface. Argues that this interface is currently rather fluid and that a(More)
Strathprints is designed to allow users to access the research output of the University of Strathclyde. Copyright © and Moral Rights for the papers on this site are retained by the individual authors and/or other copyright owners. You may not engage in further distribution of the material for any profitmaking activities or any commercial gain. You may(More)
controlled by capillarity, any attempt to predict DNAPL behavior in a porous medium requires determination of Dense nonaqueous phase liquids (DNAPLs) are important subsurthe capillary pressure–saturation relationship, hereafter face contaminants. Information is lacking on DNAPL behavior in heterogeneous porous media such as weathered rock (saprolite). We(More)
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